Tweetaconda: Denver Museum

“The more you tweet the longer it grows” was our motto and concept for the Tweetaconda website for the Denver Museum live Anaconda Exhibit. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science was hosting an event for their Anaconda Exhibit and wanted something fun and interactive for their guests to educate them, entertain and also something that would attract outsiders attention and bring them into the exhibit.

The Tweetaconda feeds on your words and they make it grow. By using the hashtag #tweetaconda or by filling in the message form you can help make the snake the longest in history. There were large TV monitors at the exhibit and we gave viewers iPads to encourage people to send in their tweets. As the tweets created larger segments of the snakes body, facts about the Anaconda sprang up as well. It was gratifying in multiple ways, you see your message as well as others inside the snake body, watch it grow and learn facts about the Anaconda at the same time.

The site was designed to reach a length of more than 32.75 feet (based on the current record of a snake found in Celebes, Indonisia), that’s a lot of tweets and a lot of snake facts.


The website was loved so much we received attention from .NET Magazine and found ourselves receiving a page of coverage in their coveted magazine.

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