Pacifico Adventures on Tap


Pacifico is now on tap. And to celebrate the occasion, we hand-delivered the first 5 ceremonial kegs to 5 lucky cities: Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.

This was no ordinary trip. Using kegs as canvases to document our travels, we transformed them into 5 pieces of art.  A journey that we called ‘Adventures on Tap.’

We relied on our Facebook friends and people we met on the way to guide our journey– seeking out adventure where we could find it. And we blogged our experiences as they happened.

I did the Interactive Production on this project and produced the Facebook blog page, and also the main campaign site on Facebook, the rich media and also the mobile versions of the website. I also helped with some minor typographic fixes, translated design layouts for mobile and designed vector masks in illustrator for the menu system in Flash.






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