GCI – Telecom Websites

GCI is one of Alaska’s largest telecom companies. They offer internet, mobile, and television for consumers, businesses and small businesses and service the entire state of Alaska.

As a hybrid Senior Digital Designer and Senior Digital Producer, I worked with a copywriter and collaborated with our UX designer to map out the whole discovery phase for all three of the GCI websites; Consumer, Business and Small Business.

I acted as a designer for small business and parts of residential and I produced all three and worked directly with the client and developers. I designed all the spec documents for developers and creative teams, optimized all assets for web as well as design images for mobile and tablet. I worked with the tech teams on the client side to make the site SEO friendly. I designed, authored and created landing and offer pages within Microsoft Sitecore which is GCI’s enterprise level CMS (Content Management System).

1.) Far left – GCI Residential 2.) Middle – GCI Business 3.) GCI Small Business 4.) Mobile view – Small Business
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