2017 What is the best VR Headset?

This is an Editorial I did research for and wrote for my site GameGravy.com

VR has come a long way but its still in its infancy of being adopted by mainstream consumers. Believe it or not though VR is hitting hard and is finally released with tons of support and not many people know what’s out there and what these companies have to offer or how they compare, hence me writing this article. In the feature picture of this editorial you can see me wearing the PSVR trying the exploding demo at E3 last year

Let’s start off with some fun historical facts, that way when you talk to your friends you can serve them up a can of VR fact sauce. When do you think Virtual Reality was first conceived? 

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2013 SXSW Video Experience

This was my first SXSW  trip I attended with co-worker Matt Stanton both representing Carmichael Lynch.



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